Unified Service Desk – What can be expected in USD 1.2.0

Unified Service Desk 1.2.0 will be more rich with features for both developers and system customizers with new capabilities and enhancements. As per MS pre release documentation below features can be expected in the new release.

Integration with Parature Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management in USD will be enhanced through integration with Parature that enables our service agents to easily search for most accurate and up-to-date documentation in Parature within USD. This articles can be associated with a case, as well as shared with the customer via multiple channels like, web, chat, email, or phone. A new KM Control type of hosted control is expected for display of such articles.

New panel Type

A panel type of USDPopUpPanel can be expected to allow for content to hover the main view.

Enhanced Navigate Action

Now the Navigate action (already available in previous releases) support passing parameters for specifying post data, header and target frame name.

SetVisualProperty method

New method SetVisualProperty, is added to the base class (DynamicsBaseHostedControl) that enables us to set the visual properties for UI objects exposed on the hosted control. This is expected to be available by default for hosted control of type Panel layout. For all other hosted controls we have explicitly add the UII action. Exception for this would be CCA Hosted Application.

CopyToClipboard method

New action, CopyToClipboard, is added to the Global Manager hosted control type that enables us to copy or append data to clipboard.


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