Hosted Controls – Primary Element in USD

In Unified Service Desk, Hosted Controls become a central part for building agent applications. Hosted Control is nothing but a .NET component that is hosted within an agent application.When we deploy USD to a CRM instance we are provided with a list of Hosted Controls which is required to build a general agent desktop which ranges from hosting CRM pages or external web pages and applications. On top of this USD gives us the provision to create our own custom hosted control deriving from the base class DynamicsBaseHostedControl class like other predefined hosted controls. Continue reading “Hosted Controls – Primary Element in USD”


Configuration in Unified Service Desk

In Unified Service Desk context when we say configurations first thing coming into our mind is configuring an agent desktop. But in this article we are going to talk about an entity in CRM for USD called Configuration. This concept is very important in a production environment which resembles very much to the solution concept in CRM. Continue reading “Configuration in Unified Service Desk”

Unified Service Desk – Starting Point

Targeting customer centers and empowering customer center agents, Microsoft has come up with the concept – Unified Service Desk aka USD. It provides agents with immediate and unified access to all customer information from within CRM or from external applications. Access to all such information for the agents to have an effective customer interactions, which will result in great customer satisfaction, business impact and profitability. Continue reading “Unified Service Desk – Starting Point”