Requirements in Dynamics 365

My opinion is that the success of a project is not only in delivering the project as per the requirement of the customer. The real success of the project lies in the value we add for the customer via a particular project. When we ask the basic question of how we can add value to the customer, most of the answers will come to one (one among many) points, which is understanding what the customer want. Without mastering that, it will be tough for anyone to figure out what exactly is the problem the customer is facing and whether the customer’s understanding of the problem is correct. While navigating through many blogs related to requirement gathering and documentation for Dynamics 365 projects below posts felt like worth reading.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Evolution

Anyone who works on Microsoft dynamics 365 will be always interested to look back on how the product got evolved since it got released. For those folks, this is a very good blog which gives a very high-level view on what was the important content on each of the release. This also has a youtube video embedded which is interesting.

Evolution of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Roadmap

Thank you Dynamix Academy for this interesting post.