How to be a better CRM Developer?

Anyone looking for an answer to this question “How to be a better CRM Developer?” will find the references in this post interesting and useful. This post contains the reference to two different blogs, one from Nigel Frank’s blog (written by Debajit Dutta) and another from Ben Hosking.

The blog from Nigel Frank’s blog written by Debajit Dutta an MVP talks about the skillsets required/mastered by the consultants to be relevant in the industry.

Ask the expert: The top-rated skills you need in Dynamics 365

The blog from Ben talks about multiple aspects of how to become an awesome CRM developer. The best part about these blogs is that we can leverage the whole experience Ben has got across the industry. Thanks, Ben for these wonderful posts.

Below one is the jackpot with a single post which has links to many developer articles from Ben.

Hosk’s CRM Developer Articles


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