Azure Git Tutorial

Hello, please don’t misunderstand this post. This is just a reference for myself to come back and refresh my git knowledge and to reduce the turn around time to get to the official documentation. If that helps you as well it’s my pleasure. Thank you.

Below are the references to the Microsoft documentation regarding the Git repository using Azure. The first one is the master which has almost all references to the other references.

Azure Repos Git Tutorial

  1. Get started with Azure Repos and Visual Studio
  2. Create a new Git Repo
  3. Clone an existing Git repo
  4. Save work with commits
  5. Create work in branches
  6. Share code with push
  7. Update code with fetch and pull
  8. Create a pull request
  9. Apply changes with rebase
  10. Copy changes with cherry-pick
  11. Resolve merge conflicts
  12. Undo Changes
  13. Ignore file changes with Git
  14. Review History

The below reference talks about the importance of having a strategy for branching and the best practices regarding the same.

Adopt a Git branching strategy



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