Error while importing data using DataMigrationUtility

Recently when we were trying to migrate configurations for one of our implementations (Unified Service Desk) from one environment to another we faced a strange error as below. Normally we never face this issue as the configuration was exported using the same tool.


Coming to the issue, I never faced this issue until the same was reported from my colleague who took over from me the responsibility of migrating this data as part of the build process.

From the error, it’s clear that the format is the issue and below is the suggestion/fix for this issue. Being a desktop application, the DataMigrationUtility tool takes the date format from the local date format. In our case, my date format was taking from my windows machine which was a region format (English(India)) while my colleague was having it as (English(United State)). I made my region to match with my colleagues and it worked like a breeze.

The conclusion here is that the date formats for both the machines used for export and import of data should be the same. Especially, when we have something related to regional format.

NB: Even though we faced this issue for Unified Service Desk (USD), this could be applicable for all those add on solutions that had a configuration data migration like MS Portals.


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