Power Apps Ideas – Create apps using natural language

What will you feel if I say, we can create a new app using our natural language? Simply put in other words, what would you think if we can create a new app by simply saying “Show me all my active Cases” and the system pops out all the possible formulas to get that data along with a small explanation how they work? Doesn’t it sound cool? Power App will be giving us that flexibility along with some other cool features like, Natural Language to Power Fx, Programming by example.

Just like the example mentioned above now with the integration of Open AI helps us to describe the requirement in our natural language as the input and the system with the help of AI generates the code output.

Similar to natural language as an input another way coming up with Power Apps is Programming by Example (PBE) where AI enabled the users to create scripts from input-output examples. Get more details about these cool features below.

Introducing Power Apps Ideas: AI-powered assistance now helps anyone create apps using natural language

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