Every 2021 Release wave 1: Power Platform changes in one page

Dynamics 365 is a product is something which improves regularly. Microsoft make sure that users gets the better features through different releases it offers to the product. When new features gets released documentations are also updated by the product team it generally is scattered across multiple pages or the user might not get a good view of all features in one single place. That is where this one pager from Khoa Nguyen comes to our help. He is also a blogger and Power Platform Enthusiast who has come up with a one pager with all the changes Power Platform got as part of the 2021 release wave 1. To share this to a larger audience, I am sharing the same with all of you as well. I am sure this will be helpful to all power platform enthusiasts here.

Please find the document here and the related post from Khoa Nguyen here. In case you are facing any issue accessing the two links, I am attaching the same document below for your quick access.


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