PAC CLI v1.7.2 Known Issue

Most probably you might have reached this blog as part of some issues with building, testing and debugging PCF controls which you are working on. I was also getting the same issues but all of a sudden. To be very specific, I started getting this the very moment I started to do a build for my control today morning and seems to be an issue with the pac version of cli (1.7.2) which we are using. the error messages which you might be getting could be something similar to
“Package subpath ‘./v4” is not defined by “exports” in <<your component path>>” along with “pcf-start exited with code 1” with type error “Cannot read property “compileTime” of undefined”. From my experience out of the suggestions by experts it seems to be an issue with the pcf cli v1.7.2 which is installed in our machines and the later version. We have to wait for a newer version for a complete fix. Until then there is a work around for the same which we will discuss in today’s blog. Hope this will help you.

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Azure Maps in PCF Controls

In this blog, we will bring in an Azure map to the PCF control framework. If you want to understand how to create a PCF control check the blog, Step by Step process to create PCF Controls which has details on how to create a PCF control in general. This is a blog to just introduction of Azure Maps APIs and how we can bring in the same to our PCF control and we are not diving deep into different other available APIs. Hope you will enjoy this blog.

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Advanced Lookup Experience in Model-Driven Apps

User using Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement will be very well aware of the lookups available in the system. They are the major components which helps us to keep the relationships between the table and also indirectly keeping the data clean to some extend. Recently Microsoft has brought new feature call advanced lookup for these types of fields to enable some usability related enhancements thus helps us to explore and find the required data easily thus improving the productivity of the end user. This also helps us to apply filters to the records available. In this blog we will see what are the advantages users will get by enabling this feature and how to enable this feature in our environment.

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