Command Checker for Model-app ribbons

Ribbon buttons and its behavior are sometimes Greek for many developers and we might find it had to troubleshoot in case of any issues related to the functionality associated with ribbon buttons. Microsoft has introduced a very handy tool to counter these difficulties as part of an update last year. Unfortunately I came to know about this recently only from one of the blogs “Introducing Command Checker for model-app ribbons“. Seems to be a good read for any technical person working on Power Apps.

This blog talks generally about how we can access the tool. How to troubleshoot a ribbon? Exploring how to use this tool. This tool gives us an overall view of what happens with the ribbon buttons when the commands are executed of when the page gets loaded. Each parameter values as part of this set up is visible through this tool and becomes handy for any developer who is interested in developing buttons in model driven app ribbon space. Check the detailed official blog here.


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