Power Platform Dev Tools Update

Microsoft has released the latest version for power platform developer tools. This update is pretty vast ranging across different areas like command line, VS extension and so on. Original post regarding the august update can be found at – AUGUST UPDATE: Power Platform Developer Tools.

To summarise the changes are as follows,

  • New capabilities are provided for the command line and VS code extension like deletion of solutions via command line.
  • Command line will run on .NET 4.8 and supports MSAL 4.35.
  • Unpack solution will not delete the solution zip automatically unless the AllowDeletes parameter is used.
  • New ALM task to delete the solution is introduced.
  • Renew authentication token in case the deployment is taking more than 60 minutes.
  • Solution packager is updated to support the new modern sitemap file.

Seems to be filled with many changes which most of the Power Platform enthusiasts were long waiting. Let me try it out and see how the new features are.


Power BI Feature Summary – September 2021

Microsoft has provided some cool features for the Power BI which included but not limited to buttons, line charts and DAX functions. Some new capabilities are added for the goals as well. Personally it looks pretty cool for me. Please have a look at the details here in the official summary sheet itself. I am surely gonna try all these. Hope you all will do the same.