Business Units in Dynamics 365

Businesses across the world are always divided into multiple departments or divisions for the administrative purposes from older times. Each of these divisions or departments work in their own way with their processes, products, customer and so on. In some organizations, we could find overlap or collaborations between these divisions or departments which is quite obvious. When we think about setting up a system for an organization, we need to consider all these aspects as its quite possible that depending on how the organizations works through collaborations the data accessible for users from one division or department might not be accessible for users from different department or they might only have read access to the data but not able to make any changes to the data. Being said that when we plan for a security architecture for the system these thoughts should be considered. The best way of implementing this would be to first logically groupings all these related activities together and then provide users access to each of these groupings depending on what they can access and what they can change. Dynamics 365 offers an option for this via Business Units. Business Units are the logical grouping or related business activities. In this blog, we will discuss about this capability in Dynamics 365.

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Search in Dataverse – A Comparison

Data, that is what everyone is worried about and everyone want now. Lately, we all know who have the right data at right time with right insights have high chances of taking a leap in the journey to next level and succeed. This is the global truth nowadays and each global organization is behind collecting customer data and storing it in their own way. Gradually this data keeps on growing and they end up heaps of data and obviously needs a search feature to find the right data at right time. If that search feature is not reliable and flexible, all these data handy is worth nothing as it may not be useful for these organizations when they need it. With this coming to our point, we do have a search feature in Dynamics 365 for customer engagement as well. Today in this article, we are going to talk about the search in Dataverse and probably a comparison about different options available for us.

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