Using Entity Image in a Web Resource

As most us will be aware that Dynamics 365 offers us with the option to provide Image to each of the entity record if the same is enabled for an entity. To put in lay man’s terms its something like that if we have a contact in the system then we can provide a photo of the contact in the record and that will be shown in the contact. Now if we have to use that photo in one of the web resource we can do that easily by referring to the same entity image as below.

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CRM Support for tablets

You will be already aware that CRM 2013 support the tablet environment as well. From a developer point of view we need to take care that the code which we are using will also work for the tablet environment. This is because the CRM for tablets does not allow any functions that can block the execution of the scripts. Normal javascript functions like alert, confirm and prompts will not work as we expect in tablets. They will simply throw errors. Continue reading “CRM Support for tablets”