Formula Columns in Data verse – Preview

With the introduction of Power Fx, Microsoft has recently released the preview of formula columns which will be very similar to our Excel experience. Now it’s on the fly formula as not saved anywhere but we can expect this to be written to the tables as well. Intellisense makes the life of the administrator/developer who creates the columns as they can select from what is available to include in the formula. This is going to be game changer when we start thinking about the columns in data verse. More detailed documentation regarding this feature is available here. Check this out for sure. I am checking it right away.


Territories in Dynamics 365

Each organization has its own business model. They vary from industry to industry and geography to geography. Depending on the business model the strategies and the way businesses are done also changes. The way businesses come to the granular level of managing also changes depending on the business model and strategy. Normally from a sales or service perspective, this is where the organizations can use the Territories and its hierarchical structure to good use. Depending on where it is used it can either improve the sales potential and thus the revenues for the organization and strategize the way marketing campaigns can be run across in different places and the way customers would want them to be treated. In this short summary, we will try to figure out how the territories can be used in Dynamics 365.

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Pay-as-you-go plan Power Apps (Preview)

Microsoft has released a new user plan or subscription which allows organizations to share and build apps without any license commitment or up-front purchasing. This helps allow us to share a Power Apps app with any user in your organization and then only pay if and when the users use that app. You can check the official documentation here where you can see the below details.

  • Common use cases
  • How does this work?
  • Billing policy

This is going to be a great feature for the organizations from the licensing perspective. Waiting for the general availability and release.