Using Entity Image in a Web Resource

As most us will be aware that Dynamics 365 offers us with the option to provide Image to each of the entity record if the same is enabled for an entity. To put in lay man’s terms its something like that if we have a contact in the system then we can provide a photo of the contact in the record and that will be shown in the contact. Now if we have to use that photo in one of the web resource we can do that easily by referring to the same entity image as below.

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Notifications in Model-Driven Apps

Notification capability in model-driven apps are now available for public preview. This is available for both the web and mobile app. In between the advanced find and settings icon in the navigation bar, the notification center can be seen which will list down all the notifications along with the count of notifications. For more details can be found here while the original announcement can be found here. Hope you all will be trying out this much awaited feature just like me.

Command Checker for Model-app ribbons

Ribbon buttons and its behavior are sometimes Greek for many developers and we might find it had to troubleshoot in case of any issues related to the functionality associated with ribbon buttons. Microsoft has introduced a very handy tool to counter these difficulties as part of an update last year. Unfortunately I came to know about this recently only from one of the blogs “Introducing Command Checker for model-app ribbons“. Seems to be a good read for any technical person working on Power Apps.

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