Pay-as-you-go plan Power Apps (Preview)

Microsoft has released a new user plan or subscription which allows organizations to share and build apps without any license commitment or up-front purchasing. This helps allow us to share a Power Apps app with any user in your organization and then only pay if and when the users use that app. You can check the official documentation here where you can see the below details.

  • Common use cases
  • How does this work?
  • Billing policy

This is going to be a great feature for the organizations from the licensing perspective. Waiting for the general availability and release.

Using Entity Image in a Web Resource

As most us will be aware that Dynamics 365 offers us with the option to provide Image to each of the entity record if the same is enabled for an entity. To put in lay man’s terms its something like that if we have a contact in the system then we can provide a photo of the contact in the record and that will be shown in the contact. Now if we have to use that photo in one of the web resource we can do that easily by referring to the same entity image as below.

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